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Discover the art of Bellydance!

Originally from the Middle East, bellydancing is believed to be one of the oldest forms of dance in the world. Experience its sinuous nature and dynamic rhythms when you take a class or book a performance.


Have Fun. Be Fit. Stay Healthy.

Don’t miss out on the all the benefits of Bellydancing:

  • • Low impact and fun way to exercise
  • • Improves posture and muscle tone
  • • Improves memory and brain function
  • • Socializes and builds friendships
  • • Increases self-confidence
  • • Boosts creativity


Rising Moon Studio is an inclusive space where everyone is welcome. Any type of abusive language, actions and clothing reflecting any kind racism, sexism, transphobia, xenophobia, homophobia, islamophobia etc. and any form of physical or verbal harassment will not be tolerated.

Why Join?

Learn the art of bellydance

Creative, fun and passionate classes designed to teach skill levels of all ages one of the world's oldest forms of dance

Online Content

As a student, you get access to video content to help you learn conveniently, from all of your devices, at any time


Meet, get inspired and dance with others who are just as passionate as you are about bellydance

Special Performances

Students have opportunities to show off their newly learned dancing skills at local festivals with Luna

Let the Music Move You!

I grew up in Colombia, South America, and moved to London, Ontario in 2003 where I started taking bellydancing classes with various instructors. Through the years, I developed a passion for bellydancing - it's what I love to do! I enjoy performing, developing choreography, and exploring the latest bellydance styles and fusions.

Since 2012, I have been teaching beginner and intermediate classes in London, Ontario. I look forward to seeing my students' progress, and welcoming new additions. Come join our creative and fun classroom and learn among other passionate dancers!

What Others Have Said

Luna is a remarkable instructor in the art of bellydancing. The fact that she is able to fuse Latin rhythms with middle eastern music has created a powerful and dynamic influence while representing the Latin American culture in the city. Luna's participation at Fiesta London! Mexican Festival has always been received with enthusiasm and fascination for the costumes, moves, and choreography!

George Perez, Fiesta London!

This wonderful class is amazing! The instructor is so positive and such an amazing attitude! I love this class.

Amber B., Student

Thank you so much for performing for our group. What a wonderful talent. I, and others, were awestruck by your ability and your beautiful costume. I particularly liked the numbers where you used the finger cymbals. They were wonderfully rhythmic. You really helped to make it a night to remember.

Barbara R.

For the past five years, long before the forced Covid lock-down, Luna has Skype-taught us bellydance. Living in rural Nova Scotia, she has provided us with an outstanding dance experience otherwise unavailable to us. An amazing dancer/performer and a patient and knowledgeable instructor, she continues to enrich our dance lives with unique and challenging choreographies that are supported with excellent skills and practice videos. We are grateful she took us on and look forward to many more satisfying hours of dance. Thank you Luna.

Peggy O’Malley and Linda Harris, Shelburne, Nova Scotia

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Discover your passion

Discover your passion. Learn bellydance.

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